Able to make these saddle features
1.     Seat
            Flat seat for close contact saddles
            Deep seat for dressage and VSD type saddles
2.     Flaps     
           Solid flaps
           Sueded knee inserts
           Moulded external knee rolls
3.     Panels
            Felt panels
            Half panels, as found on Lane Fox saddles
            3/4 panels with sweat flaps, as found on most close contact saddles
            Wool flocked panels as used on most dressage and VSD saddles
            Knee rolls built into panels

4.     Girth billets
            Standard short billet style
            Point straps
            Long dressage style

5.     Saddle accessories (fittings)
             Stirrup leathers
             3 fold
             Short dressage
             Elastic, single and double ended
             Hunt appointments

6.    Strap goods
             Make any kind of bridle: flat, raised, or rolled

             Make all types breast collars: flat, raised, or rolled

              Make all types of reins: flat, raised, or rolled
                  Buckle in and stud hook treatments
                  Draw reins
                  Laced reins
                  Rubber reins
                  Web reins
                  Grip bar reins
                  Plain reins

              Training equipment and miscellaneous strap work
                  Side reins
                  Longe cavesons
                  Long reins

7.    Halters
               Breed specific, such as Welsh or Arab
               Stable halters or track halters
8.     Repairs
             Re-stitching on any part of saddle
               Replace billets
               Replace seat
               Replace flaps
               Replace skirts
               Replace gullet lining
               Make new felt panel
               Make new flocked panel                         
               Add point strap
               Replace nail heads and/or falldown staples
               Re-flock panel
               Replace stirrup bar(s)
               Replace or repair gullet plate and/or head plate
               Replace girth elastics
               Re-web seat or replace girth strainer webs
               Re-stitch any piece of tack or bridlery
               Able to fabricate any new part for bridles (such as a cheek piece) or tack

9.     English saddle knowledge base
 Understand and know the requirements of the types of riding styles:
        dressage, eventing, show jumping, polo, flat racing, steeplechasing,
                    saddleseat, trail riding, and endurance
 Know how to fit saddles  and saddle trees to horses backs for all of the
                     above styles of riding
             Know basic horse anatomy and horse locomotion
 Know basic horse breeds, their physical characteristics, their movement
                     and how that relates to the various styles of riding
             Have knowledge of competition rules for various styles of riding and
                     how that affects the type equipment used
             Understand leather and leather care
             Know leather types and terms specific to the English trade
             Know about English hardware for saddles and tack

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