A chap maker should possess the skills of a tailor and a leather worker, rolled up into one person. He/she should be able to fit men or women taking into account different body shapes. Ideally he/she should also be able to make a fabric lined vest.

          Styles of chaps to make
               Rodeo chaps for rough stock riding
               Show chaps
               Zippered shotguns
               English schooling chaps
               Retro styles, such as woolies
               Vests, for men or women

               Replace zippers
               Alter chaps to make larger or smaller in leg circumference

          Knowledge base
               Know about basic human shape and how a leg garment fits
               Understand how to cut leather for purpose at hand
               Know leather terms
               Know hardware and hardware terms
               Be conversant with dress rules for various competitions as to the kind of chaps used
               and worn currently
               Able to tailor chaps and vest to fit most individuals
               Able to sew leather on machine for job at hand
               Able to carve and stamp leather for trim on chaps

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