For any industry to be economically viable, it must be profitable.  Simply  put, if the bills cannot be paid and the individuals engaged in the industry cannot receive a reasonable income, the industry will fail.  Therefore, ASMA has developed a custom saddle minimum national average base price that both saddle makers and consumers can use as a benchmark or guideline.    

    Arriving at a minimum national average base price for a custom saddle is not an easy task.  The variables in costs, experience, regional differences, types of saddles etc. make it hard to determine a one base price that everyone can use.  The following information is based on a working/roping saddle developed by the editors of the ASMA "GREEN BOOK" GUIDE TO PRICING ( complete details are available in the "GREEN BOOK" GUIDE TO PRICING) . The working/roping saddle is being used because that is what general public visualizes as a western saddle.

  In arriving at a minimum base price the following assumptions have been made.

1.  Times   The times are based on a full time saddle maker with 3 to 5 years of experience in the discipline in which she or he has been trained.

                     2.  Materials  
                                A.  Leather is premium leather  ( No. 1 or A grade) native hides and domestically tanned.

                                B.  Tree is a top quality domestic custom wood tree covered with rawhide, fiberglass, or Kevlar made by one of the major tree

                                C.  Hardware is stainless steel or solid brass when available.

                                D.  The cost of materials are based on the minimum quality for the materials used in a custom saddle .
(Most established custom saddle makers will use higher quality materials than this example and therefore higher material costs.)
3.  Wages   The wage data is based on the median household income for the United States with payroll taxes, health insurance, and retirement account included.

4.  Overhead The overhead data is based on average overhead costs.

Minimum national average base price for a working/roping saddle:

$ 5,100.00

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