In the shadow of Pikes Peak and situated in the ponderosa pines of Black Forest, CO, just north of Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak Saddlery, Inc. is a traditional saddle shop.  Founded in 1978 by saddler R. G. “Bob” Brenner, where he makes only the finest custom and handmade saddles, tack, hand tooled leather goods, and repairs both western and English saddles and tack.      

     Bob is an internationally known saddle maker with customers throughout the U.S. plus Belgium, Canada, France, Japan, and Switzerland.  Also, he is the author of the book “How to Establish Prices for the Saddle Maker or Leather Worker”, which has become the standard reference book used by other saddle makers and leather workers.  In conjunction with the book, Bob gives seminars based on the book to other saddle makers around the nation.

In the past few years Bob has been sharing his saddle making knowledge with other saddle makers.  He has given workshops at Oklahoma State University at Okmulgee, The Rocky Mountain Leather Trade Show in Sheridan, WY, The Western Leather Trade Show in Ventura, CA, and was one of the five instructors for Saddle Week 2004, a 4 day class on saddle making.

Bob is one of the founders of The American Saddle Makers Association, Inc., (ASMA) the trade association for the saddle industry, and serves as the executive director for the association.

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